Rico Suave: "After Years of Cheating, I Had a Wake-Up Call"

Season 5 Episode 521
At the height of his fame, Gerardo Mejía was touring the world singing his number one hit "Rico Suave." Taking advantage of his celebrity status, Gerardo says he went from "place to place, girl to girl" and was with over 500 women.

In 1991, it appeared as if the playboy musician was settling down when he married former model and beauty queen Kathy Eicher. However, Gerardo says he cheated throughout the marriage.

"I had gotten married, I had a daughter, and I was trying to make things right," Gerardo says, "but I didn't want to let go of who I once was. It was tough for my wife. Mind you, she didn't know about a lot of it until later."

Gerardo says after so many years of cheating, he eventually had a wake-up call—one that knocked him to his knees and led him down an entirely different life path. Watch the above video to hear how it happened and what his relationship with Kathy is like today.