Phylicia Rashad on the Greatest Part of the Cosby Show Legacy

Aired on 01/28/2017 | CC tv-pg
American pop culture reaches far and wide. For example, actress Phylicia Rashad says that her favorite part of the legacy of The Cosby Show, on which she played the Clair Huxtable, is the way it formed a common ground for people around the world. According to Phylicia, even the great champion of equality Nelson Mandela saw the benefit of The Cosby Show.

"The greatest aspect of this legacy is that people around the world saw themselves in people who don't necessarily look like them or live like them," Phylicia says on Oprah: Where Are They Now?. "I met Nelson Mandela. He said, 'I watched your show from Robben Island. I watched it with my guard, and it softened him.'"

Here, Phylicia shares this incredible story.

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