Oprah's First Book Club Author Jacquelyn Mitchard on Her Latest Book

Season 5 Episode 521
CC | tv-14
Jacquelyn Mitchard, the first author selected for Oprah's Book Club, published her debut novel, The Deep End of the Ocean in June, 1996. Oprah endorsed the book that September, helping to propel it to millions in sales and to the top of the New York Time best-seller list.

But Jacquelyn's fortune was not to last. In 2009, 13 years after her book stormed the charts, her assistant called to tell her that all of her bank accounts, including those set aside for her children's college education, were empty. The person her husband hired as a financial advisor, it turned out, was a full-time crook, a mistake that cost Jacquelyn her dream home and so much more.

Jacquelyn is bouncing back, however, with Two If By Sea, her first new book in five years. Here, she reveals the plot of her latest endeavor and realizes that it may resemble her recent experiences more than she thought.