Naomi Judd on Her "Different" Relationship with Wynonna

Season 5 Episode 521
CC | tv-14
Naomi Judd was working as a nurse and single mom in a small Kentucky town when, along with her daughter Wynonna, she formed the band The Judds. Before they knew it, the mother-daughter duo was winning Grammy Awards and dominating the country music charts.

However, tragedy struck in 1991 when Naomi was diagnosed with Hepatitis C and given just three years to live. As Naomi sought treatment, The Judds stopped performing together and Wynonna began a solo career.

Miraculously, Naomi beat the odds, and in the process, became a national inspiration and bestselling author.

Over the years, The Judds have reunited for special tours, most recently coming together for a residency at The Venetian Theatre in Las Vegas.

"For me, it's the fans. That energy, that exchange of, 'I'll tell you my story, if you tell me yours,'" Naomi says. "But of course, more than anything, it's that interface with Miss Wynonna, because that's magic. And that's where we do our healing, to tell you the truth. There's been so many times when we couldn't talk to each other, but when we sing together, it's like a magical cure or something."

Watch the above video to find out why The Judds' relationship is different from how it's ever been.