Nancy Grace's First Thought When Nicole Brown Simpson Was Murdered

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The O.J. Simpson trial was a turning point for TV news. The combination of a celebrity defense team and a racially charged case created media coverage unlike anyone had seen before. For the first time, outspoken legal minds could become opinionated stars of news programs.

This is where most people met Nancy Grace. Nancy was an attorney in Atlanta, Georgia, building an undefeated record at trial and soon became one of the first specialized female pro.secutors She turned her attention exclusively on prosecuting serial offenders of murder, rape and child molestation.

In the summer of 1994, Nancy learned with the rest of the world that Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were brutally murdered. Nancy says she knew instantly that O.J. Simpson was the culprit. Here, she opens up about the day she found out about the crime that would launch her television career.