Andrew Stimpson

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Andrew Stimpson, Production Assistant

Favorite job: I was a diving coach and lifeguard throughout college. You can't beat hanging out by the pool all day! I love Harpo, but we have a serious shortage of windows in the building.

Favorite Oprah: Where Are They Now? guest: I am a huge Survivor fan so I had a great time working with Richard Hatch. He's so funny and was such a good sport about doing all the crazy stuff I was asking him to do!

Dream Oprah: Where Are They Now? guest: I'd love to hear from Pamela Anderson. Baywatch was like the best show ever.

Favorite Oprah Show: Hands down, the 24th season kick-off party. Watching 20,000 people do a flash mob to the Black Eyed Peas in the middle of Chicago's beautiful Michigan Avenue still sends chills down my spine.

Where was I when The Oprah Winfrey Show launched in 1986? I was in kindergarten, and my little brother, Tommy, had just been born.

Fun fact: I built a house in high school as part of a vocational home-building program. I also went to modeling school. Jack of all trades here.

Memorable celebrity encounter: Julia Roberts was at Harpo once, and one of her twins came running around the corner, smacked right into my leg and fell on the ground. I was horrified when I looked up and she was staring at me, but everyone just thought it was funny!

Twitter handle: @AndrewStimpson