Jamie Schiller

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Jamie Schiller, Production Assistant

Favorite Oprah: Where Are They Now? show guest: Peggy Plunkett

Dream Oprah: Where Are They Now? guest: Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles (seriously—where is he now?!)

Dream Oprah: Where Are They Now? dinner party: The cast of Boy Meets World

Favorite Oprah Show: Can anyone ever really get enough of watching the Ultimate Favorite Things episode? I sure can't!

Where was I when The Oprah Winfrey Show launched in 1986? Not sure—I wasn’t born yet!

Favorite Oprah Show moment of all time: When Oprah met her idol, Mary Tyler Moore. I cry every time!

Tales from the television set: I got more than I bargained for when I asked Fabio to take a picture with me after our shoot with him. He picked me up as if I was a model on the cover of his romance novels. Naturally, I swung my head back and did my best damsel-in-distress impersonation.

Fun fact: My thumbs are two different sizes.

Twitter handle: @jamieLschiller