Lorenzo Lamas Blasts Critics Who Called His Wife a "Gold Digger"

Season 5
Aired on 06/18/2015 | CC tv-14
Soap opera star Lorenzo Lamas had been married and divorced four times when he met Shawna Craig, a woman 29 years his junior. When the couple married in 2011, Lorenzo says they faced harsh criticism from those who believed Shawna married him for his money.

"She ended up being with me after I've lost everything, with six kids, living in a box in Beverly Hills so my kids could go to school here, with absolutely nothing," he says. "To call her a gold digger, it was absolutely the most asinine thing you could ever say."

Over the years, Lorenzo says they've been able to change the public's perception of their relationship. "Because we're still together," he says. "We're still making a life with each other."

In the above clip, watch as Shawna gets emotional while discussing her and her 56-year-old husband's age difference.

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