Leah Remini Shares Her Love for TV Husband Kevin James

Season 5 Episode 508
Aired on 05/16/2015 | CC tv-14
For almost a decade, comedian Kevin James and actress Leah Remini played Doug and Carrie Heffernan, a working-class married couple, on the sitcom The King of Queens. Now, eight years after the series wrapped, Leah says she still has fond memories of her time on the set.

"I loved King of Queens. ... You can't spend that amount of time somewhere and not pick that as your favorite," she says. "It was very close to me. It was a relationship that I understood, and all the relationships in the show I understood. It was very natural to me. And so it wasn't like I was acting."

Much like their characters, Carrie and Doug, Leah says she and Kevin had theirs ups and downs over the years. "Anybody who's together that amount of time is going to fight," she says. "That's because we loved each other. You know, if you don't care about somebody, you don't even bother to fight with them."

Watch as Leah shares how she and Kevin made it through romantic scenes when they were mad at each other.

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