Lauren Holly Was Worried About Taking a Break From Acting

Season 5 Episode 522
CC | tv-14
In the '90s, Lauren Holly delighted audiences as Lloyd Christmas' love interest in the gross-out comedy Dumb & Dumber. In the early 2000s, however, Lauren decided to take a break from acting to raise her three recently adopted boys, a decision that isn't always easy for actresses trying to stay competitive in a cutthroat business.

Today, Lauren is starring in the Canadian TV drama series Motive and says she was nervous about pausing her career. "I was absolutely worried about taking a break and then trying to go back into acting, especially in my industry," Lauren says. "But I went back and I started working and I have to say that even in the past three years have been busier than I've ever been."

Here, she explains why taking a break from her career to spend time with family worked out for her and how she feels when people ask if she's had a lot of plastic surgery.