Lauren Holly: Paparazzi Were Living Under Our Tennis Court

Season 5 Episode 522
CC | tv-14
For the most part, paparazzi and celebrities don't get along. On one hand, the trigger-happy photographers are simply doing their job. On the other, they rarely have qualms about invading someone else's privacy.

In 1996, Lauren Holly, an actress best known for her role in the 1994 comedy Dumb & Dumber, and funnyman Jim Carrey got married. Their life, Lauren tells Oprah: Where Are They Now?, was full of tabloid photographers trying to get a peek into their private lives. During that time, she says, the cameramen seemed to take their work to greater extremes.

"One night," the actress says, "we realized that there were some paparazzi who were living in our yard underneath the tennis court in order to get pictures of us inside the house. It was crazy."

Here, Lauren reveals what it was like in the dawning days of a cutthroat tabloid culture.