Kid 'n Play on House Party, High-Top Fades and Their Famous Dance

Season 5 Episode 516
CC | tv-14
Most artists would consider themselves lucky to make a single lasting cultural contribution. The '90s hip-hop duo Kid 'n Play made three.

Between their starring roles in the 1990 cult classic House Party, the popular high-top fade that Christopher "Kid" Reid rocked for several years and the dance that involves hopping and knocking your foot against your partner, Kid 'n Play has made a huge impact for a group that only released a few albums. Kid 'n Play has a theory about why the dance is something done to this day.

"In this day, when everybody is kind of doing their own thing kind of dancing independently... The Kid 'n PLay dance is a dance you have to do with somebody else," Christopher "Kid" Reid says. "You can't do the Kid 'n Play with somebody you don't know. The person will be like, 'Yo, why are you kicking me? Like, I don't even know you.'"

Watch as "Kid" and "Play" revisit the biggest touchstones of their career.