Jose Canseco on the “Devastating” Effect Money and Fame Has on Young Athletes

Season 5 Episode 511
CC | tv-14
There’s a clear upside to being a young, famous and rich professional baseball player. In the early ‘90s, Jose Canseco signed a contract that made him the highest paid player in Major League Baseball, and some people, Jose says, believed he was as famous as Mike Tyson and Michael Jordan were in their respective sports.

Today, the slugger looks back at the hidden downside of the world being your oyster. “I couldn’t go anywhere. I’m not saying it was a bad lifestyle, but for a young kid of 24, it’s difficult to handle. You’re bound to make a lot of mistakes.”

Plus, home run king offers a cautionary note to players just starting their careers. “Let me tell you something about when you have money and you’re famous, you seem to have so many friends, it’s incredible. But when you fall off that pedestal, I guarantee you none will be there.”