Jose Canseco: "I Had Some Issues with the Law"

Season 5 Episode 511
CC | tv-14
In the 1980s, few athletes were as famous as baseball superstar Jose Canseco. At the height of his fame, Jose was one of the most-recognized athletes in the country—with a level of fame that rivaled that of Mike Tyson and Michael Jordan.

On top of being a celebrity, Jose was also the highest-paid player in baseball. However, he says the combination of fame and fortune was ultimately his downfall.

"Those combinations for a young athlete are devastating," Jose says, "because you're not a rockstar... I'm not saying it was a bad lifestyle, but for a kid of 24, it's difficult to handle. You're bound to make a lot of mistakes."

During the late '80s and early '90s, Jose was arrested several times. The charges ranged from reckless driving and carrying weapons to aggravated battery against his then-wife.

Watch the above video as Jose talks about his colored past and how it was handled in the press, including the headline that bothered him the most.