Jose Canseco: I Regret Writing My Tell-All Book

Season 5 Episode 511
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Jose Canseco was a baseball superstar in the ’80s. Best known as one of the Bash Brothers with teammate Mark McGwire, Jose was a home run king, a two-time World Series champ and an American League MVP. To fans, it seemed like the all-star athlete could do anything. But there’s one thing they didn’t know: Jose was using performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). In 2005, Jose released his book Juiced, in which he admitted to using PEDs throughout his career. The book shook the sports world as Jose also accused several other players of breaking the rules by using PEDs, including former teammate Mark McGwire. Today, Jose says the book has made him an MLB outsider. Here, he explains why he now regrets writing his blockbuster memoir. Tune in for Oprah: Where Are They Now? Saturday, April 9, at 10/9c.