Inside the Michigan Home of Melissa Gilbert and Timothy Busfield

Season 4 Episode 415
Aired on 11/02/2014 | CC tv-14
In April 2013, Melissa Gilbert, an actress who has been involved in high-profile relationships with leading men like Rob Lowe and Tom Cruise, married actor and director Timothy Busfield, star of hit shows like Thirtysomething and The West Wing. When the pair met, Timothy says, they immediately fell in love, but there was one obstacle they had to overcome: "I lived in Michigan, and I said, 'I got good news and bad news, and the good news is I think you're fantastic,' and she said, 'Well, what's the bad news?'" Timothy says. "And I said, 'I live in Michigan.' And she said, 'That's okay.'"

Melissa eventually left Hollywood behind and moved to the Midwest to live with Timothy. In the above video, Melissa and Timothy invite cameras into their home. "Everything is easier. It's just more peaceful. It's just more comfortable," Melissa says. "It's just real."

When Melissa left Los Angeles, she brought along reminders of her days on Little House on the Prairie, including the red dress she wore during the end credits and a special piece of memorabilia she tracked down years after the series wrapped.

What prized possession did she buy on eBay? Watch now to find out!

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