How Rico Suave Became a One-Hit Wonder

Season 5 Episode 521
CC | tv-14
In 1991, Gerardo Mej√≠a—better known to fans as "Rico Suave—was a music sensation.

His eponymous debut hit "Rico Suave" spent 18 weeks on Billboard's Hot 100 list, and it was nominated for two MTV Video Awards. At the height of his fame, Gerardo toured the world singing his number one hit—something he says he took advantage of.

"I was going from place to place, girl to girl," Gerardo says. "I think I quoted a number one time...a little bit over 500. That was everything to me back then."

However, when it came to finding his next hit song, Gerardo says the pressure was too great.

Watch the above video to hear how Gerardo landed in one-hit-wonder status. Plus, how he bounced back and found another path to success.