How a Deck of Tarot Cards Helped Launch Psychic Medium John Edward's Career

Season 5 Episode 503
Aired on 03/29/2015 | CC tv-14
For 25 years, psychic medium John Edward says he's helped thousands of people connect with loved ones who have crossed over. In February 2007, John, former host of Crossing Over with John Edward, did readings for families on The Oprah Show. Since then, he's left TV and launched a weekly online show called Evolve, which airs on Sunday mornings.

John says he became interested in psychic abilities after getting a reading from a medium when he was 15 years old. "I ventured out to a bookstore and a deck of tarot cards fell off the shelf in front of me," he says. "Any deck of tarot cards comes with, like, an instruction manual. So I sat down and I started reading my cousin Florence."

A week or two later, John says Florence called and asked him to read her cards again. "[She said,] 'Everything you said happened,'" he says. "I remember going, 'Wait a minute. I'm, like, flipping cards out of a deck and reading from a book.' And she goes, 'Well, flip and read again because everything you said happened.'"

Watch as John shares how word of mouth helped launch his career.

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