The Doctor Who Has Helped 1,500 People Change Their Gender

Season 5 Episode 503
Aired on 03/29/2015 | CC tv-14
Dr. Marci Bowers is a world-renowned sex reassignment surgeon who has helped more than 1,500 patients change their gender. As Marci explained on The Oprah Show in 2007, she knows firsthand about transformation—she was once Dr. Mark Bowers, a successful, married OBGYN and father of three. Marci told Oprah she lived in denial for 40 years until she could no longer look in the mirror.

Now, seven years later, Marci allows cameras into her practice outside of San Francisco and shines a light on the challenges facing transgender patients. Marci also shares the best part about her job. "I think the most rewarding part about surgery is, for me as the surgeon, is when you can say to someone that now you are a complete man or you are a complete woman," she says. "That's very powerful. They feel like they're one with their soul finally."

In 2007, Marci was still married to her wife and the mother of their three children. Did they stay together? Watch as Marci opens up about her very "modern family."

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