Days of Our Lives Star Deidre Hall: "I Set Out to Be a Hairdresser"

Season 4 Episode 415
Aired on 11/02/2014 | CC
For almost 50 years, Days of Our Lives has been a daytime television staple. Since 1976, Dr. Marlena Evans, played by actress Deidre Hall, has been a central character in the fictional town of Salem. Now, Deidre reveals how she went from aspiring hairdresser to soap opera legend.

"I didn't set out to be an actress; I set out to be a hairdresser," she says. "When I came to California to visit friends, I enrolled in college out here, and then thought, 'I need to support myself somehow.'" Deidre started out modeling and doing commercials, but eventually she tried her hand at acting to make more money.

In the above video, Deidre shares how destiny led her to the Days set, and takes cameras on a rare behind-the scenes tour.

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