How the Murder of Charice's Father Made Her Stronger

Season 4 Episode 412
Aired on 10/20/2014 | CC tv-14
After blowing Oprah Show viewers away with her voice in 2008, Charice, a young girl from the Philippines, took us back to her old neighborhood and shared a dark moment from her past: Before leaving the Philippines, Charice said, she had witnessed her abusive father threatening to kill her mother.

Charice cut off communication with her father, and then, in 2011, he was murdered. Now, the singer opens up to Oprah about losing her dad and about her struggle with depression.

While Charice denies the rumor that she tried to kill herself, she admits that she considered it after her father died. "I did not slit my wrists ... but I thought of it," she says. "I wasn't okay with my family. I wasn't talking to my mom. ... We didn't have any closure."

Watch the above video to find out how her father's death made Charice stronger.

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