How Bernie Mac's Widow Honors the Late Comedian

Season 5 Episode 522
CC | tv-14
In 2007, shortly before he passed away from complications from pneumonia, Bernie Mac started the Bernie Mac Foundation to promote awareness of sarcoidosis, a disease involving abnormal collections of inflamed cells. Today, Rhonda McCollough, the comedian's widow, serves as president and CEO of the organization, but that wasn't always her plan.

Immediately following Bernie's death, she says, it was very difficult for Rhonda to continue on with the foundation. She says she wasn't in the frame of mind to keep it going. Recently, however, she's had a significant change of heart.

"The foundation means to me everything that Bernard was and that he wanted," Rhonda says, "so I just really can't let it go now."

Here, she explains why the Bernie Mac Foundation is so important.

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