How 87-Year-Old Oscar® Winner Estelle Parsons Defies Age

Season 5 Episode 310
Aired on 04/25/2015 | CC tv-14
Estelle Parsons has been a non-stop presence on stage and screen for almost 60 years. Estelle's legendary Broadway career has earned her five Tony Award nominations and a place in the American Theater Hall of Fame. To top it all off, this age-defying icon won the Oscar® for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Bonnie and Clyde in 1967.

Today, this 87-year-old spitfire rarely stops moving. During a tour of her New York City neighborhood and home, Estelle shares her weekly workout regime. "I have a trainer once a week," she says. "I swim once or twice, 30 minutes, and I do the bike every day, half hour. And once or twice a week, I do a Pilates class."

Despite her success in Hollywood, Estelle says she didn't think of herself as an actor until late in life. "I never wanted to be famous," she says. "I just wanted to be left alone. My image of myself was living all alone and having a driver."

Watch as Estelle shares memories of the Roseanne cast and opens up about her family life.

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