Happy Days Star Henry Winkler's Hands-On Approach to Fan Mail

Season 5 Episode 506
Aired on 05/09/2015 | CC tv-14
More than 40 years after Henry Winkler landed the iconic role of Arthur "the Fonz" Fonzarelli on Happy Days, he says he's still recognized all around the world. What most fans don't know is that he was originally cast as a recurring character, tapped to appear in just seven out of 12 episodes.

On his off days, Henry says he liked to be productive, so he asked the studio to start delivering fan mail directly to his West Hollywood apartment. "I read all of the fan mail. I had all this time!" he tells Oprah. "There were some letters that were just incredibly heartfelt, from every age, and I would call those people if they left their phone number."

Watch the above video to find out what Henry said to fans who answered the phone.

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