Gospel Singer Darwin Hobbs Shares the Lasting Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Season 5 Episode 509
Aired on 05/23/2015 | CC
During the final season of The Oprah Winfrey Show, Tyler Perry, along with 200 fathers, husbands, sons and brothers, opened up about the pain of being molested. Gospel singer Darwin Hobbs was one of the brave men who spoke out about his childhood abuse. "To me, sexual abuse—it kills a child," he said back in 2010. "I think it kills the spirit of a child."

Now, five years later, Darwin shares how that experience affected him. "That day in that studio with those 200 other guys, it just seemed like we were making this huge plug-in to this huge power source, which was The Oprah Show, so that gave us all a louder voice," he says. "We're so silent, especially in my community, I think, in the African-American community. Rarely is [sexual abuse] spoken about—kind of a taboo subject matter."

Watch as Darwin shares more about his "journey of wholeness and healing."

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