Why Chris Soules Was Scared to Go Back to Iowa After The Bachelorette

Season 5 Episode 520
CC | tv-14
Iowa farmer Chris Soules was The Bachelor heartthrob millions fell in love with. Before that, Chris was well-known to reality dating viewers as one of the contestants on The Bachelorette, the show in which dozens of men compete for the affection of one woman searching for a partner.

Chris was one of the final three contestants that season. After the bachelorette Andi Dorfman sent him home, he didn't take the loss well. "It was really hard," Chris says. "I was actually having real feelings for her. I was sad. At that time, when I got sent home, I was like, 'Man, okay now I'm going back to Iowa where there's no women' and honestly, I was a little scared coming back here."

But Chris didn't have to wait long for another show at reality TV matrimony. The next morning, a Bachelorette producer called and asked Chris if he'd like to be The Bachelor. Here, Chris explains why he didn't instantly jump on the opportunity.

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