Celebrity Chef Curtis Stone Reflects on Fatherhood

Season 5 Episode 509
Aired on 05/23/2015 | CC tv-14
Australian celebrity chef Curtis Stone first started making mouths water in America when his hit show Take Home Chef had its premiere in 2006. Today, this TV host and best-selling author is a husband, a father and an owner of the Beverly Hills restaurant Maude.

Curtis says he named his new venture Maude after his grandmother, the woman who inspired him to start cooking. "Both my granny and my mum were really inspirations to me," he says. "Mum was a great cook, and she was a good baker, actually."

Things have changed quite a bit in Curtis' world since the last time he was on The Oprah Show, in 2011. "I've found the woman of my dreams, and we've got two gorgeous little kids," he says. In June 2013, Curtis married Beverly Hills, 90210 actress Lindsay Price, and they have two sons together, Hudson and Emerson.

Curtis says becoming a father has been a special experience. "To spend time with your kids and to reflect on yourself as a human being and be a good example to them is pretty cool," he says.

Watch as Curtis shares more about his family life and whips up a lobster dish for his wife.

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