Carmen Electra on Dennis Rodman: "People Couldn't Understand Why I Loved Him"

Season 4 Episode 412
Aired on 10/20/2014 | CC tv-14
Just as Carmen Electra's career was taking off in the late '90s, she lost her mother to a fatal brain tumor. "Once again, my life changed, but not in a good way," she says. "I just went into self-destruction."

As she struggled to deal with the pain, she found comfort in the arms of former NBA star Dennis Rodman. "People couldn't understand why I loved him," she says. "Because he had a reputation for being a bad boy."

After a whirlwind romance, Carmen and Dennis got married in Las Vegas. Although they seemed like an unusual pairing, Carmen says, they were actually quite similar. "What I saw in the beginning was this sort of a gentle giant that was in a lot of pain," she says. "So in a way, we understood each other."

Watch as Carmen describes the good and bad sides of their passionate relationship.

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