Aaron Carter Explains His Donald Trump Endorsement

CC | tv-14
On Twitter, celebrities have been very vocal in their disapproval of Donald Trump, who is now the front-runner for the GOP nomination and looking to rack up more delegates on Super Tuesday. Cher compared the outspoken billionaire to Hitler. J.K. Rowling said he’s worse than Voldemort. Montel Williams tweeted that Trump’s dominance is putting the United States in danger abroad. And the list goes on. Donald Trump has at least one celebrity support, however, in Aaron Carter, the younger brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter. On Saturday, February 27, Aaron tweeted his praise for Donald Trump: When we caught up with Aaron at his house in Malibu, he told us that there’s been a serious falling out with his fans over the endorsement. “I’ve had fans send me death threats, tell me people were going to shoot me, stab me with needles at my show. You know, that they were coming to get me, all of me saying that I vote for Donald Trump,” Aaron says, before adding, “But I don’t care because you ain’t gonna do nothing to me. Because you just talking. Because if you get in front of my face like everybody else did last night, I will either put you in your place or we can agree to disagree, and you can go away.”

Aaron says he supports Donald Trump because he’s trying to make taxes better for low-income people, and the only reason young people aren’t showing more support is that they’re getting bad information. “I mean, come on,” Aaron says. “I know what I’m talking about. It’s the kids who are nineteen and twenty years old that read articles that are falsified, 75 percent of its majority, and you know, it’s just like, those are my views, they’re my own, but I’m not going to shut up, you know?

“I’m not going to shut up, and I’m going to be the way I want to be.”