Marie and the Osmond brothers

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The Osmond Family Reunion
For 50 years, America's been in love with the Osmond family! It all started with George and Olive Osmond, who had nine children, who then had 55 children, who then had 48 kids of their own! In 2007, more than 100 Osmonds, including famous siblings Donny and Marie, reunited on The Oprah Show stage.

In memory of George, who passed away days earlier, the children and grandchildren of Virl, Tom, Alan, Wayne, Merrill, Jay, Donny, Jimmy and Marie came together onstage for the first time to sing together. It was an emotional time for the family, but Donny said they felt like George and Olive were watching over them. "We believe we're an eternal family. We know that we will be with our parents again. We know it. We don't just believe it. We know it," Donny said. "It's so comforting for us to know that we will be together again."

The Osmonds gave George a final farewell by singing the signature sign-off written by Alan for the Donny and Marie show, a song meant to be a prayer to express the Osmonds' gratitude for their many blessings.

"May tomorrow be a perfect day, may you find love and laughter along the way. May God keep you in his tender care, till he brings us together again."