Long-lost sisters, Mia and Mia

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Long-Lost Sisters
In July 2004, Holly and Doug Funk, an Illinois couple raising five children, decided to adopt a baby girl from China who had been abandoned at a textile factory. They named her Mia. Hundreds of miles away in Florida, Diana and Carlos Ramirez, parents of two sons, traveled to China to bring their 2-year-old daughter, who they also named Mia, home from China in October 2005.

Holly, Diana and their adopted daughters were separated by hundreds of miles, but a common thread brought them together. They found each other on an online adoption support group and realized their daughters were born on the same day and were from the same place. DNA tests concluded the two Mias are sisters! Without the birth parents, they can't determine whether the girls are twins, but Diana says it's pretty obvious that they are.

In 2006, the long-lost sisters flew to Chicago for an Oprah Show taping and were reunited. Moments after meeting, they were walking through the airport, holding hands. "They had never met or seen each other before, but it was like an instant click," Diana said.