Lesia, Jeff and Oprah

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Second Chance for True Love
Love was in the air in 1993 when Oprah reunited Lesia, an Oprah Show producer, with an old college flame. Lesia, whom Oprah called "the world's greatest cynic," thought the camera crew was taping her for a piece about being from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but she was in for a surprise.

At first, Lesia seemed annoyed, but when she saw Jeff, her ex-boyfriend who carried her picture in his wallet for 15 years, with red roses in hand, Lesia seemed to sing a different tune. "Oh, honey, what a surprise!" Lesia said. Jeff said he just wanted a chance to tell Lesia how he felt for all of those years. "I got you this rose in appreciation of the time we had," he said. "You look lovely."