Daughters reunited with their mothers

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Stolen Babies Reunited with Their Mothers
During an emotional hour in 1991, The Oprah Show reunited black-market babies who were stolen at birth or kidnapped from their homes with their biological mothers.

When Dylene Zolikoff found out she was pregnant right before high school graduation, she said she hitchhiked out of town to spare her family any embarrassment and to make a life for her unborn child. A woman took Dylene into her home and then did the unthinkable. Dylene said the woman induced her labor and then ran off with her newborn daughter. Finally, after years of searching, Dylene was reunited with her daughter on Oprah's stage.

Selimah, another mother determined to find the daughter who was stolen from her at birth, also reconnected with the child she never knew. Upon meeting her daughter Ellen for the first time, Selimah echoed a sentiment shared by all the mothers, "Reunited, and it feels so good!"