Veronica Plans to Use R.K. in Her Revenge Plot Against Jeffery

Season 5 Episode 528
Aired on 10/02/2018 | CC tv-14
After a shocking encounter with Jeffery in David's hospital room, Veronica is feeling especially vengeful. She wastes no time in plotting her revenge on Jeffery, starting by enlisting R.K. Knowing that the grifter has tried to take advantage of her son before, Veronica plans on using R.K. as a pawn in her scheme. She wakes him up and orders him to call Jeffery immediately, but R.K. questions her.

"Tell him you want to see him," Veronica says.

"Okay. Then what?" R.K. replies.

"I need photos of you with him," she answers.

R.K. reminds Veronica that he doesn't have sex with men, but Veronica's got something else in mind. "I've been thinking about that slimy-ass officer that sexually harassed you," she says, referring to Justin. "I'm going to have his badge."

"Okay. Where do I fit in in this evil plan?" R.K. asks.

"Well, I want him to think that you and Jeffery are an item," Veronica replies. "He'll get pissed off."

R.K. chuckles. "You are really twisted," he tells her.

R.K. agrees to help Veronica in her machinations—but only after he catches up on his beauty sleep.

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