Veronica's Shocking Hospital Visit

Season 5 Episode 526
Aired on 09/04/2018 | CC
Veronica finally makes her way into David's hospital room, where she is met by Jeffery, who is not pleased to see her. "You need to get your ass out of here," he orders his mother. But Veronica doesn't plan on going anywhere anytime soon.

As she stands over her husband, Veronica appears to be in a daze. Jeffery continues to tell her to leave, but Veronica solemnly claims she has come to see David as if she were not the one who put him in the hospital in the first place. As Veronica inches closer to David, Jeffery pulls her back.

"If you go near him, I'll—"

"What you gon' do?" she says, cutting him off. "What you gon' do? Are you going to stab me again? You do that, and you will end up laid up in here too."

As Jeffery asks Veronica to leave again, she begins reflecting on David leaving her for Erica. "He walked out on me for a whore," she says, sniffling. "A whore. And she's dead. Burned. And I am praying that she's burning in hell. And you. You're such a disappointment, Jeffery."

Continuing to ignore Jeffery, Veronica attempts to wake David up. As she begins screaming and shaking her husband, the tension between her and Jeffery quickly escalates to shocking levels.

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