Jeffery Learns What Happened to His Father

Season 5 Episode 525
Aired on 08/28/2018 | CC
Veronica's chilling confession about David scares Jeffery into rushing over to his father's house to check on him. When he arrives, his deepest fear is confirmed when he sees the crime scene. Distraught, Jeffery wants to know what's going on. The FBI agent explains that David is in the hospital, but he can't verify what David's status is.

Jeffery wants to leave, but the FBI agent has some questions for him. "Do you have any idea who would want to do this?" he asks Jeffery.

"Yes. Yes, I do," Jeffery responds.

"Who?" the agent continues.

"My mother," Jeffery answers.

Jeffery gives the agent his mother's information, and the agent provides him with the details of what happened. As the agent explains that explosives were put in the car, something catches Jeffery's eye: a body in the car. Terrified, Jeffery quickly leaves the scene to visit his father in the hospital.

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