John Schneider as Jim Cryer and Peter Parros as David Harrington

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The next day, David Harrington, Jim's fellow judge and friend, meets with Detective Marshall to see what he knows about Candace Young. David is not pleased with what Marshall has found so far. "I asked you to look under her skirt, not under her shoe laces," David says. "This gal can bring down this cabinet before it's even built. I want everything."

The detective has one question: "Who is this girl?"

"All you need to know is she is a problem that needs to be solved," David says.

Jim enters, unhappy to see Detective Marshall. As the detective exits, Jim wants to know why David is working with him. "You know I don't like to work with him," Jim says. "I don't trust him."

Jim tells David that Candace is still in his house and continuing to threaten him with blackmail. "She doesn't flinch at anything that I say. It's like she's solid," he says. "I can't get a read on her at all, not in any way. I've never met anybody like her in my entire life."

"You sound like you admire her," David says.

"Like I admire bleeding to death," Jim says sarcastically.

Jim tells David he thinks Candace will make good on her threats. David tells Jim to pay her. "I don't think that's wise," Jim says. "She's toying with me, and I'm toying with her. Like a cat in a trap."

"If I didn't know better, Jim, I would think you're enjoying this," David says.

"Of course not," Jim says. "What she doesn't understand is that if she comes after me, I will let loose a force on her that she will never forget."