Aaron O'Connell as Wyatt Cryer

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Back at the Cryer house, Hanna is just getting to work. The other housekeeper, Celine, is due in soon.

Wyatt comes down before anyone else, asking for breakfast. "Celine should be here any minute," Hanna says.

Wyatt says he wants to eat now because he's not feeling well. "I have severe back pain," he says.

Hanna says he should see a doctor. Wyatt tells her he does—and he's out of his prescription. Then, he asks Hanna to get his refill. "Ask for William, the son, not the old man," he says. "Just tell him that Wyatt sent you, and he'll fill it for you."

Katheryn enters, immediately suspicious upon seeing Wyatt awake. "I know what you want," she says to her son.

Hanna says she'll go get Wyatt's prescription. Katheryn stops her. "Don't fall for his foolishness. Before he went to rehab for the second time, he would wait up early for my maid and tell her he was sick and that he needed a prescription filled," Katheryn says. "That's why she was fired."

"It was worth a shot," Wyatt says.