Erica's Test Drive Ends Before It Begins

Season 5 Episode 522
After constantly having to deal with Veronica and her hellbent mission to ruin every aspect of his life, David wants nothing more than a fresh start and to move on with Erica. Although Erica has had her fair share of unpleasant encounters with Veronica, she's been nothing but supportive of David and is always by his side. In an effort to show his appreciation for her, David buys Erica a new car to make up for her previous car being blown up in one of Veronica's deranged attempts to get revenge on him.

Excited to test-drive her car, Erica hears David come home and is ready to take her new ride for a spin. As they walk across their picturesque driveway, smiling and laughing, Erica admires her new convertible.

"It really is so beautiful," she tells David.

"Well, at least you like my taste in cars," David says playfully.

David opens the car door, lets his lady in and crosses to get in the passenger side as Erica starts the car—and is set ablaze in a fiery explosion.

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