Veronica Strikes Again

Season 5 Episode 516
CC | tv-14
David is recovering after a hellish surprise visit from Veronica when he suddenly gets a flash of paranoia. What was Veronica doing inside of his home? He goes downstairs and begins running his hands over the furniture, examining every surface. Erica follows him with a confused look on her face until David finds what he was looking for: a tiny microphone hidden inside a vase.

"Is that a bug?" she asks.

"Yes," David says before combing the room for more. It doesn't take long for him to find several other bugs Veronica hid throughout the house.

"You know she's probably listening to us right now," David warns.

"Well, let's give her a show," Erica says deviously.

The couple is about to go back upstairs when suddenly, they hear an explosion that sends them running outside. Veronica is sending her ex a message—loud and clear.

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