Tika Sumpter and Tyler Lepley

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At the tow yard, Candace tells Benny that he shouldn't go into business with Warlock. However, before she can explain further, she finds out Warlock is already there. Before Warlock leaves, he covertly threatens Candace again.

"Don't try anything," he tells her.

Candace hopes that she can convince Benny to sue the Cryers now that he knows Wyatt was the one who hit him, but Benny wants to put the incident behind him. She keeps pushing, but Benny is resistant, so, instead, she turns to the mortgage idea. She tells him that she needs to mortgage her house as well as the tow yard and his house. Benny refuses and demands to know why she needs the money.

"Are you in trouble?" he asks. "Candace, who is it? I'll kill them!"

Once Candace realizes that he won't consider a mortgage unless she comes clean, she deflects and plays it off as a joke. Pivoting back to the lawsuit, she explains that a lawyer told her Benny could get a $10 million settlement, so he finally agrees to consider it and meet with the lawyer.