Angela Robinson

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A hit man hides in Veronica's home, waiting for her to return so he can carry out his orders to shoot the first person to walk through the door. The sordid plot to end her life was revealed to Veronica while she was in jail, and now she intends to use this newly acquired information not only to evade death but also to use it to her advantage.

"Dial Maggie Day," she speaks into her smartphone as she sits parked in front of her house.

When Maggie picks up, Veronica quickly gets to the point. "I know you planted the picture," she says, referring to the photo of her and Benny in flagrante delicto, which was leaked to the press and created a scandal.

"Yes, I did," Maggie says.

Then Veronica does something uncharacteristic: She thanks Maggie. "You did something I never had the strength to do," Veronica says, feigning gratitude. She tells Maggie that she's relieved that her marriage is finally over, but she insists that there is information about David that Maggie ought to know.

"I have some things that are too sensitive to share over the phone," Veronica says. "Can you meet me house?"

Maggie sounds taken aback, but she agrees to meet Veronica at her home in a couple of hours. Veronica hangs up, starts the car and erupts in evil laughter as she pulls away.

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