John Schneider

After threatening the guard who was on duty during Wyatt's assault, Jim demands to see his son. Wyatt desperately pleads with his father to get him out of prison, but Jim tells him he's only there for a visit.

Wyatt promises his father he'll never use drugs again and won't tell the District Attorney anything further. Jim firmly takes hold of Wyatt's face and assures him that he will do everything he can get him out.

"Don't leave me," Wyatt pleads as he clings to Jim through the cell bars.

"Let go of my shirt!" Jim says before rushing out of the cellblock. Jim orders the guards out of the office, and, once alone, breaks down into tears. He was determined to maintain his resolve in front of Wyatt, but now Jim is falling apart after being faced with his son's anguish.

Later, once Jim has managed to get his son released from prison, he apologizes to Wyatt, but adds, "You needed to see what prison was really like." Jim tells Wyatt that if he had testified in court about the hit-and-run accident like he had planned, he would have ended up prison for the rest of his life.

"I know this is hard for you to believe, but this hurt me, too," Jim says.

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Tyler Lepley

Candace is fighting for custody of her son, Quincy Jr., after finding out that her mother tried having him taken away by the authorities by claiming Candace was unfit to care for him. To ensure her son stays under her guardianship, Candace buys a house to prove to social services that she can provide a stable home for her son.

Benny visits Candace at her new house, but he's suspicious of his sister's ability to afford the place on her own. He suspects her new, well-off friend, Oscar, has something to do with this newfound wealth. Yet Candace maintains that Oscar is just a friend.

Candace thanks her brother for rescuing Quincy Jr. from the boy's abusive father. Still, while Benny is happy to be there for his family, he's not convinced that Candace should get custody of her son. He reminds Candace of the risky and dishonest situations she's found herself in at times, and lets her know he doesn't feel good lying for her.

"Sometimes, you have to do things to protect the people you love," Candace tells her brother, before asking Benny to put his neck on the line for her one more time.
Crystal Fox

According to the social worker handling Quincy Jr.'s case, if Candace's real-estate and work references corroborate that she can provide a stable home for and financially support her son, she'll get custody of her child, meaning that Hanna will lose contact with her grandson. The social worker calls Hanna, off-the-record, to let her know that the company Candace claims to work for doesn't recognize her as an employee. Hanna hopes this news means that she might still have a chance at providing Quincy Jr. with the home he needs, but until the case is closed, he'll have to stay in foster care.

Hanna doesn't like to ask favors of her Mrs. Cryer, but keeping Quincy Jr. safe is her utmost priority. In order to expedite the case, Hanna asks Mrs. Cryer if she could pull some strings in her favor and gives her employer the name of the judge assigned to the case.

"I just want this baby to be safe. Am I wrong?" Hanna asks Mrs. Cryer, who assures Hanna that she's doing the right thing and agrees to help keep the child out of Candace's hands, adding, "Any time I get a chance to stick it to your daughter, I will."
Peter Parros and Angela Robinson

At the campaign office, Jeffery convinces his father to stand up to Veronica, after explaining how unburdened he felt after confronting her himself.

David calls Veronica and demands that she come down to the campaign headquarters immediately. When she eventually shows up, David makes Veronica accountable for her many misdeeds, listing off the ways she's hurt and betrayed her loved ones. He tells her she must finally take responsibility and seek psychological treatment.

"If you don't stop, our marriage is over," David says.

Veronica is unfazed by David's tirade, and defiantly hands him divorce papers.

"Our marriage has been over, darling," Veronica says.

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Aaron O'Connell

Jeffrey gets a frantic call from Wyatt asking him to come pick Wyatt up from the Cryer house, without anyone seeing him do it. When Jeffrey arrives at the house, Wyatt lets him in on his recent stint in jail. Wyatt admits to being brutalized in prison, but makes no mention of the traumatic sexual assault that still has him shaken up.

Because Jim was responsible for his son's incarceration, Wyatt blames him for the assault he endured behind bars and asks Jeffrey to take him anywhere, as long as it's away from the Cryer home.
Eva Tamargo

Jim sits down for a live prime-time special with Dianna Whinchill to officially announce his candidacy for governor of the State of Georgia. After Jim explains how he plans to run his team and control the budget, she turns the discussion to more personal topics.

"Are you a devoted father?" she asks.

He responds that he is a devoted father to his one remaining child, Wyatt. Dianna then reveals that they have discovered the truth about his other two children—those mothered by Celine Gonzales. Dianna cuts to a live feed of Celine and her two sons as she prepares to interview them in addition to Jim. Maggie attempts to stop the live broadcast, but the damage has already been done.

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