Crystal Fox and Aaron O'Connell

In the aftermath of his fight with Jim, Wyatt starts to tell Hanna about the hit-and-run cover-up when Veronica interrupts. After sending Hanna upstairs, Wyatt tells Veronica that he's already confessed to the district attorney, and, he continues, it's only a matter of time before Hanna knows everything too.

"I took the power out of your plan," Wyatt tells Veronica. "You don't scare me."

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After Wyatt storms off, Veronica tells Jim he needs to get his son under control. "Maybe you should show him what prison is really like," she says.

"I'm too tired," Jim responds.

"The devil is never too tired to raise hell," Veronica muses.
Tika Sumpter and Crystal Fox

Despite Hanna's warning to her wayward daughter not to show her face at Amanda's funeral, Candace makes an appearance anyway. Insisting that Amanda was a friend of hers, she brushes off insults from Wyatt and threats from Veronica, confidently strolling up to the Cryers to pay her condolences.

Jim gives her an icy glare, but Katheryn takes a different approach. She tells Candace that they're having a few people over after the funeral and that she's more than welcome to come. Hanna tries to stop her, but Candace says she'll be there.

"I'll be waiting," Katheryn says.
Randy Oglesby and Allison McAtee

After the funeral, Maggie is at the Cryer mansion when she receives a text from Bruce. She meets him outside and finds that he's been busy following Veronica. He hands Maggie a file filled with photos. The intimate pictures show Veronica and Benny together in David's truck.

Bruce informs Maggie that the young man in the photos has the truck at his house. In fact, Bruce says, he was driving it that morning. Maggie requests that Bruce keep tailing Veronica—and Benny.

Later, Maggie finds David and warns him to be careful around Veronica. David insists that he and his wife are just going through a rough patch. Although she has the perfect opportunity to show David the incriminating photos, she decides against it. Instead, she simply tells a confused David that he should ask Veronica where his truck is.
Antoinette Robertson, Gavin Houston and Tika Sumpter

Jeffery and Landon are talking in the kitchen when Veronica walks in with the last person Jeffery wants to see: Melissa. He tells her to leave, but Melissa insists on staying. Annoyed, Jeffery escorts her outside just as Candace is walking up to the house.

"Why are you hanging around?" Candace shoots at Melissa.

"I'm pregnant," Melissa says.

Jeffery says this is just another of his mother's elaborate schemes, but Melissa tells him that she really is pregnant. The baby is his, she says.

Tearing up, Melissa explains that her father is dying of cancer. To pay for his medical treatments and hospital bills, her family borrowed half a million dollars from Jeffery's mother. Melissa's family now risks losing everything unless they do exactly what Veronica says—and what she wants is for Melissa and Jeffery to have a baby together and get married.

"She's going to make you be whatever she wants you to be," Melissa tells Jeffery.

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John Schneider, Renee Lawless and Tika Sumpter

After apologizing to Jeffery, Melissa leaves, and Candace and Jeffery walk into the Cryer mansion. Hanna spots her and warns Candace to leave immediately, but Katheryn tells her to stay. "I really want her to be here," Katheryn tells Hanna. "She has answers that I need."

Katheryn invites Candace to talk privately with her and Jim in the study. After offering Candace a glass of whiskey, she quickly cuts to the chase.

"What did you do to my daughter?" Katheryn asks Candace.

"No, no, see, the question is, What did you do to your daughter?" Candace says. "I'm not taking the blame for this one."

It's not the answer Katheryn wants to hear. As Candace turns to leave the room, Katheryn picks up the whiskey bottle and breaks it over Candace's head. As Candace lays motionless on the couch, Katheryn and Jim calmly walk out of the room and shut the door behind them.

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