Angela Robinson, Peter Parros and Allison McAtee

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On the eve of Amanda's funeral, David wakes up to a house filled with smoke and narrowly escapes the blaze. After searching through the house for Veronica, he finds her calmly sitting on the porch outside, smoking a cigarette. When David asks whether she set the fire, Veronica coyly responds, "That's not all I've done, darling."

Maggie, having heard about the fire, rushes over to the Harringtons' house. Veronica gives her a cold reception despite Maggie's adamant denial of ever sleeping with her husband, and David convinces his campaign adviser to leave just as the Cryers arrive on the scene.

Sensing tension, Katheryn pulls Veronica aside to comfort her, and David takes the opportunity to confide to Jim that he thinks the fire was Veronica's attempt to kill him for having an affair with Maggie. Adding to his distress, Jim reveals to David that Wyatt has confessed everything to the district attorney.

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