John Schneider and Aaron O'Connell

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At the Cryer mansion, Jim calls Wyatt downstairs for a little family chat. He invites his son to have a shot of liquor and get his feelings off his chest. Katheryn is concerned about the alcohol, but Jim explains that they've been going about dealing with their children's problems all wrong by sweeping them under the rug and holding things inside. Now, it's time to be honest, he says.

Jim tells his jaded son that he commends him for coming forward to the district attorney about his hit-and-run accident, but he informs Wyatt that his prison time will be much tougher than he thinks. Wyatt's cavalier attitude turns to fear as Jim describes the hardened criminals that have passed before his bench and how they'll be his new "friends" in prison. Meanwhile, Jim continues, he and Katheryn will retire from public life and stop caring about their family's problems.

"I am going to let the chips fall where they may," he says, "because, Wyatt Cryer, your father is tired."

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