Renee Lawless

At the hospital, Hanna visits Katheryn before her mastectomy.

"How did it go last night with the tests they ran?" Hanna says.

"I still have cancer if that's what you mean," Katheryn says.

Hanna pulls out a digital camera that she brought from the Cryer mansion and begins to film Katheryn, who states that she has a will at a law firm in Savannah. Hanna stops the camera and says she can't film the statement.

"Don't you have lawyers for that?" Hanna says.

"Yes, I just said that," Katheryn says, "but I don't trust them at all." She goes on to explain that she suspects Jim will try to suppress her wishes after she's gone and that she needs a safety net.

Hanna reluctantly continues to record while Katheryn states that no money will be left to her husband, Jim, and that if her will cannot be found, all her wealth will go to the Cancer Research Center in Savannah. She then tells Hanna to give the camera to Veronica if anything happens to her.

"You're really not going to leave them a thing?" Hanna says.

"Why?" Katheryn says. "So Jim can spend it all on his whores? And Wyatt can smoke it all up, and Amanda just give it away to anyone who asks?"

"Why are you talking like this?" Hanna says, worried.

Katheryn waves away the question. "Don't worry, Hanna. I intend to outlive him and give him hell all along the way," Katheryn says, chuckling.

Hanna says living for that kind of spite isn't worth it and that Katheryn should try to find happiness instead.

"You had to have loved him at one point," Hanna says.

Katheryn admits that she did. She initially fell for Jim because he was a "bad boy" and her father hated him. When she married him, she was already pregnant. Katheryn says her father put Jim through law school and that he owes her for his success.

Katheryn and Hanna go on to talk about their children. Hanna explains that while Benny is a good son, her daughter is a disappointment and hates her. Katheryn commiserates that her own children don't love her either, but Hanna says that's not true.

"You act like you haven't met them," Katheryn says.

Hanna says she'll come back to check on Katheryn after her meeting with Veronica.

"Don't let her bully you," Katheryn says.

"Why do you say that?"

"She can be tough."
Aaron O'Connell and Gavin Houston

At the rehab center, Wyatt searches the Internet for an escort profile on his sister, Amanda. Jeffery says that's pointless: Amanda isn't that kind of girl. Wyatt says he suspects Candace somehow pulled Amanda into the business.

"Amanda wouldn't do that; she doesn't need the money," Jeffery says.

"You know Amanda's a follower," Wyatt says.

Wyatt says Amanda isn't answering his calls and that he wants to visit her. At first, Jeffery says no, that it's not a travel day in the rehab program, but he relents when Wyatt begs.

"Please," Wyatt says. "Haven't I been doing well?"

"Yes," Jeffery says.

Wyatt goes to take a shower and leaves his shirt. While Wyatt is in the bathroom, Jeffery picks up the shirt and holds it.

"He said please," Jeffery says to himself, smiling.

At the courthouse, David visits Jim's office and asks about Katheryn. Jim says he doesn't know where she's gone and that she's not answering her phone.

"We need her here," David says, referring to Jim's upcoming press conference.

"We still have a few days, so just relax," Jim says. "I know my wife. She'll cool off; she'll be back."

Just then, Veronica knocks. She tells Jim and David that she's representing Benny.

"Now why in the world would you want to do that?" David says, concerned.

Veronica says Katheryn asked her to do it as a favor.

David says Benny is a drug dealer, but Veronica isn't so sure. She says she doesn't know what's going on but that something else is at play in the situation. David says he doesn't want her representing Benny.

"Don't worry about me!" Veronica says.

"It was the pressure of the law that caused you to have that problem in the past," David says.

Jim looks uncomfortable and says he should leave, but Veronica tells him it's okay, explaining that practicing law gave her back problems, which compelled her to use medication and eventually led to addiction. Veronica insists she's fine.

"I have been looking at this case all night, and some things just don't add up," she says.

Veronica leaves, and Jim gives David a significant look. "David—"

"I know," David says. "Dammit, I know."
Gavin Houston, Aaron O'Connell and Tika Sumpter

At Candace and Amanda's apartment, Candace is packing a bag of Amanda's things when she hears a knock at the door. Wyatt and Jeffery are there, and Wyatt demands to see his sister. Candace says Amanda is at class, so Wyatt says he'll wait.

"No," Candace says. "I have things to do."

"Like what?" Wyatt says.

Candace loses her patience, telling Jeffery, "Get your boy and put him on a leash."

Jeffery tries to convince Wyatt to leave, but Wyatt wants to know if Amanda has gotten into prostitution. He accuses Candace of being an escort and holds up a torn-out advertisement with her picture.

"Yes, this is what I do from time to time to make a living," Candace says. "I didn't grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth." Candace berates Wyatt for having the world on a string and still falling victim to heroin.

She then tries to push Wyatt out of the apartment, but he shoves her aside and runs into Amanda's room with Jeffery following. He finds Amanda's things strewn about and angrily turns to question Candace. "What's going on, Candace?"
John Schneider and Peter Parros

At the courthouse, David tells Jim that Veronica has her heart set on taking Benny's case.

"We both know that once Veronica gets her nose into something, she's going to keep it there until she uncovers every bone that we have buried," Jim says.

David calmly says he'll come up with something. Taken aback by David's relaxed attitude, Jim suggests that David already has a plan. "And this time, dear friend, I would appreciate it if you would fill me in on it."

David insists that he doesn't have a plan and that they wouldn't be in this situation if Jim hadn't slept with Candace. Jim only laughs at this, and a confused David accuses Jim of enjoying being extorted by his mistress.

"Are you telling me that she is so good in bed you are willing to risk it all?" David says.

"No," Jim says. "She is so damn good at being bad that I want to take that chance."

"Well I can't take it," David says, shaking his head.

Jim then tells David that Katheryn won't sleep with him anymore and that she's hated him for a long time. David laughs.

Back at Candace and Amanda's apartment, Candace confesses to Wyatt and Jeffery that Amanda tried to commit suicide. She says she was with Amanda at the hospital all night and that the doctor asked her to go home and find the bottle of pills Amanda used.

Wyatt calls his father amid Candace's protests. "Amanda's at the hospital; she tried it again."

"Where?" Jim says.

Jim hears Wyatt asking Candace for the name of the hospital that's treating Amanda, and Jim asks what Candace is doing at the apartment. Wyatt tells him she and Amanda are roommates.

"Candace and Amanda have an apartment?" Jim asks angrily, with David listening in.

Candace finally admits that Amanda is at Mercy Hospital, and Jim tells Wyatt he's on the way.

"Is everything okay?" David says.

"Nothing is okay," Jim says.

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Angela Robinson, Crystal Fox and Tyler Lepley

At the jail where Benny is being held, Veronica and Hanna get ready for their meeting.

"Do you know the street value of a kilo of cocaine?" Veronica says.

"My son would not sell drugs," Hanna says.

Veronica says that Hanna's precarious financial situation could be seen as motive for Benny to sell, but Hanna only reiterates that Benny would never do that. Veronica gets irritated and says that she's only asking questions the prosecution would ask.

"I'm trying to help you," she says.

"Well then do it," Hanna says.

Veronica then asks if that's how Hanna thanks people who do her favors. Ordinarily, she charges $750 an hour with a $10,000 retainer. Veronica tells Hanna that if she has that kind of money, she should hand it over.

Hanna asks Veronica why she doesn't like her.

"Why are you a maid?" Veronica says. "Our people stopped doing domestic work back in the '60s. Apparently, you didn't get the memo."

"It's so easy for you to sit there and assume that I'm in this position because I want to be," Hanna says.

She tells Veronica that she had two children to care for and two jobs. Veronica says she had tough times as well but that she pulled herself up.

"If you think God didn't line up things in your life for you to be in the position you're in, then you're a fool," Hanna says.

"Why didn't God line things up for you?" Veronica says. "Who's the fool?"

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Having had enough, Veronica gets ready to leave the meeting, so Hanna apologizes. Veronica says she'll try to get Benny bail, but it could be more than $100,000. Hanna says she can put up her house.

Benny is brought into the room with a black eye. He says he got into a fight but that he's all right. He sits, and Veronica introduces herself.

"Mama, we can't afford a lawyer!" Benny says.

"Are you crazy?" Hanna asks. "Your sister got you in this. I've got to get you out."

Hanna then tells Benny that Veronica is representing him for free.

"I can't tell you how much this means to our family," Benny tells Veronica.

Veronica asks him to give his account of what happened, and she starts taking notes.
Peter Parros and Angela Robinson

Jim arrives at Mercy Hospital, where Wyatt, Jeffery and Candace are waiting.

"How long have you and Amanda been living together?" Jim says.

"Not long," Candace says.

Wyatt tells Jim that Candace is a prostitute and that Amanda's suicide is her fault. He also says that Candace has gotten Amanda into prostitution, but Jeffery says that they have no proof of that.

"She is evil!" Wyatt says. Jeffery tells him to calm down.

Jim asks Wyatt if he called Katheryn, but Wyatt says she isn't picking up.

Back at the courthouse, Veronica is in David's office, working on Benny's case. David enters, and she says she met Benny.

"Something is really wrong," Veronica says. "And the detective that arrested him? I'm sure he's not aboveboard."

David says he knows the detective. Veronica tells David the detective isn't answering her calls, so David says he'll try calling.

"You know your wife," Veronica says. "I will get to the bottom of it."

David says he's sure she will. He then tells her he's on his way to the hospital because Amanda has tried to kill herself again.

"Let's go," Veronica says.
Aaron O'Connell, Gavin Houston and Susie Abromeit

At Mercy Hospital, Wyatt, Jim, Jeffery and Candace are in the waiting room. Jim gets up and goes into Amanda's hospital room, and Candace leaves.

"I know this is really hard for you," Jeffery says to Wyatt.

Wyatt says he was the one who found Amanda the first time she tried to kill herself.

"Why do you think she did it?" Jeffery says.

Wyatt says that when they were kids, they were both abused by a priest at summer camp, and Amanda has been unhappy ever since. Jeffery tells Wyatt that he should talk more about the incident as part of his addiction recovery. Before Wyatt can go on, Laura, one of his old flames, enters the waiting room.

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Wyatt gets up to hug her, and Jeffery says hello.

"I came down as soon as I heard about Amanda," Laura tells them.

"It's just family now; it's pretty private," Jeffery says tersely.

Laura says she just came for a moment. While she kisses and comforts Wyatt, Jeffery rolls his eyes. Jeffery tells Wyatt they should get back in the hospital room with Amanda.

"Hold on," Wyatt says. "How've you been?" he asks Laura.

"Missing you," Laura says.

Wyatt asks Laura if she can come visit him at the rehab center, but Jeffery says no visitors are allowed. Wyatt counters that they're allowed during the last two weeks of treatment.

Laura kisses Wyatt one last time, and he and Jeffery head back into Amanda's room.
Jaclyn Betham and John Schneider

Hanna waits in Katheryn's hospital room as Katheryn wakes up from a nap. She tells Katheryn that her phone has been ringing.

"I don't care. Turn it off," Katheryn says.

"It could be important," Hanna says.

"What's more important than getting healed from this cancer?"

Hanna tells her that's the right idea. Katheryn asks how Hanna's meeting with Veronica went. Hanna says it was fine, and Katheryn tells her that Veronica can get the job done.

"I hope so," Hanna says. "I don't know how much more of this my son can take."

Suddenly, a pained look comes over Katheryn's face, and she asks Hanna to call the nurse. Katheryn tells Hanna to go home, but Hanna says she's not leaving.

"I hope your children are as good to people as you are," Katheryn says.

"One of them is for sure," Hanna says.

Over in Amanda's hospital room, Jim is sitting with his unconscious daughter when Jeffery enters. He says Wyatt is falling asleep, so he's going to take him home. He tells Jim that his parents should be at the hospital any minute.

Before Jeffery leaves, Jim asks for Candace's address, and Jeffery writes it down for him.

"Tell Wyatt when he wakes up that his father loves him," Jim says.

"I will, Mr. Cryer," Jeffery says.

Later, Jim goes over to Candace and Amanda's apartment.

"You come after my daughter?" he asks Candace.

"What are you going to do about it?" Candace says.

Jim lunges at the door as Candace tries to slam it shut.