Gavin Houston

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At Candace's house, Officer Justin continues to harass Jeffery until Candace comes home. Justin tells her about the break-in, but she claims that she and Quita are friends and that it was all just a misunderstanding—reinforcing Quita's testimony.

After Justin leaves, Jeffery explains that Quita was looking for Quincy, and he demands to know what Candace did with his body, but she refuses to tell him. While Jeffery searches for his keys, Candace's friend Erica arrives and asks for an update about Warlock. Erica thinks Candace should ask Benny to take out a mortgage on the tow yard so she can pay back Warlock before it's too late.

Meanwhile, Jeffery discovers that his phone is buried in Candace's backyard, which makes Candace increasingly skittish and evasive. After Erica leaves, Jeffery threatens to dig it up, and Candace finally admits that the keys are buried with Quincy's body.