John Schneider and Tika Sumpter

Candace and Jim Cryer burst into Katheryn Cryer's bedroom.

"I have something to tell you," Candace says. "Your husband and I are having an affair."

Jim tries to stop Candace from saying more, but Katheryn wants to hear the rest. Candace admits that the affair has been going on for weeks, and Katheryn isn't surprised.

"You're number nine," Katheryn says. "You're just a number on an assembly line of many."

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Katheryn also tells Candace that she knew her husband was having an affair all along and that Candace won't accomplish anything by further blackmailing Jim.

Then Katheryn warns Candace to leave. "You crawl back to the other side of the tracks where you came from. And Nine, be careful crossing the tracks. There might be a train coming."

Downstairs, Jim tells Candace to take her car and money and leave his family alone. Candace accuses Jim of framing her brother, Benny, in a drug sting, but Jim says that wasn't his handiwork.

"I'm not your enemy. Your enemy's in here," Jim says, pointing to his head. "There's something seriously wrong with you."

Candace says their relationship isn't over. "Your wife might not care, but your daughter? She will."

"So help me, if you bring my daughter into this, I will have you murdered," Jim says.

Candace leaves.
Peter Parros and Crystal Fox

At the Savannah Courthouse, Hanna is waiting to speak with Judge David Harrington. Though David says he's busy, Hanna begs for five minutes of his time, and he escorts her into his office.

"The last time we met, you said you would help me find a lawyer," Hanna says, "and I haven't heard from you."

David says that he's been very busy and that so are the lawyers he'd ask to represent Benny. He also says that Hanna doesn't have enough money to hire a lawyer. Hanna pulls out $900 from her bag, saying she just got paid and sold some of her jewelry.

"Nine hundred dollars isn't going to buy you one hour with these gentlemen," David says. He says he'll have to ask a fellow lawyer to work pro bono and that Hanna will have to be patient.

"I can be," Hanna says, "but I'm worried about my son." David says he's made some calls and is waiting to hear back.

Before Hanna leaves, she asks David to help get Benny some more blankets; Benny says he's been freezing at night. Hanna breaks down, asking God to help her child and imploring David to pray with her.

"Lord God, I'm praying that all truth will be revealed," Hanna says. David says nothing but begins to cry.

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Hanna finishes her prayer, thanks David and leaves.
John Schneider and Renee Lawless

Back at the Cryer mansion, Jim enters the kitchen and declines a cup of coffee from Celine. Celine tells him that Katheryn is going on vacation but that she doesn't know where. As Jim turns to leave, Celine grabs his arm.

"Do you remember what we used to do when she went on vacations?" she asks.

"That memory is long dead," Jim says, and he walks out.

In the sunroom, Katheryn is arranging flowers. Jim reminds her that on the 14th of the month he'll be formally announcing his run for governor. Katheryn says that she thought he might give up that hope in case one of his former mistresses went public.

"I'm sure if anything like that were to happen, you'd take care of it," Jim says.

Katheryn changes the subject to Candace. "Nine is a child, Jim," she says. "She's our daughter's age."

Jim says he didn't know that when the affair started. Just as Katheryn begins to respond, Celine enters, saying she has Jim's coffee.

"I told you I didn't want any coffee, " Jim says, and he tells her to leave. "These people—they snoop."

Katheryn says Jim is the one to be worried about, not the help, and wonders why he's so agitated. She then accuses Jim of having feelings for Candace and reveals she knew that $147,000 that came out of his bank account was used to buy his mistress a sports car.

"How do you have access to my personal account?" Jim asks.

"That's like asking rain how it gets wet, Darling," Katheryn says.

Jim asks Katheryn where she's going on her vacation. She doesn't answer and says she'll be gone as long as she wants to.

Jim tells her she better be back by the 14th, and leaves.

Later, at the Savannah Courthouse, Jim tells David that Candace confessed about the affair to Katheryn.

"You had your visitor; I had mine," David says. He then tells Jim about Hanna's visit to the courthouse. David says he wants to make the situation right after putting the wrong person in jail.

"So what, David?" Jim says. "Candace, her mother, her brother—they're all family. They were all in this together."

David says he doesn't think so and that he thinks Candace acted alone.

Jim says the problem is David's mess.

"Ours," David says. "That you created, by the way."

"I did not tell you to frame anyone, did I?" Jim says.

David says no and that he doesn't know what he's going to do.
Crystal Fox and Renee Lawless

When Hanna arrives for work at the Cryer household, Celine tells her that Katheryn has packed her bags. Hanna goes to ask Katheryn what's going on, but instead of answering, Katheryn inquires after Benny.

Hanna says Benny isn't doing well and that David hasn't found him a lawyer yet.

"That's a load of crap," Katheryn says and tells Hanna that it sounds like her husband is involved in the delay. Hanna says Benny has a bail hearing in two days. Katheryn tells her she'll make sure he has a good lawyer.

"Now, do you want to tell me why your bags are packed?" Hanna says.

"Because we're going on vacation today," Katheryn says. "We leave in an hour."

Hanna says she couldn't possibly leave with Benny in jail. Katheryn confesses that they're only staying in town. Her chemotherapy isn't working, and she's going in to have her breast removed. No one knows except herself, Hanna and the doctors, and she needs Hanna's support. Hanna agrees but has a question: If she won't tell her husband and son, couldn't she at least tell Amanda?

"Amanda can't handle it," Katheryn says. "She can't handle much. She's such a fragile little thing."

Meanwhile, over at Candace and Amanda's apartment, Candace arrives home while Amanda is in the bathroom.

Amanda says she got her exam back. Candace is instantly irritated, assuming Amanda is complaining about a bad grade.

"If you can't pass your courses, then that's your problem," Candace says. "I have a lot on my mind, and I am sick of your whining."

Candace goes into her room and slams the door, leaving Amanda alone. Amanda goes back into the bathroom and picks up a bottle of prescription pills.
Angela Robinson, Crystal Fox and Renee Lawless

Back at the Cryer mansion, Celine overhears Katheryn making plans for her trip with Hanna.

"You've been here only a few weeks, and you've totally taken over," Celine says. "And now, you're my boss?"

"I'm not your boss!" Hanna says. She tells Celine that she's only trying to keep her job.

Not getting any information on Katheryn's "vacation," Celine tries a different tack. She jokes that Hanna and Katheryn are sleeping together and that that's why they're so close.

"I am not a lesbian, and I'm not going to tell you anything," Hanna says. "That little reverse psychology don't work on me."

Celine warns her not to get too close to Katheryn, insisting that Katheryn is not Hanna's friend.

In the sunroom, Veronica pays Katheryn a visit. Katheryn asks if David has been busy lately, and Veronica says no.

Katheryn explains that she asked David to help find Benny a lawyer. She says she thinks Jim has something against Hanna and asked David to do nothing. Now she has a new plan—she wants Veronica to represent Benny.

"I haven't practiced law in three years," Veronica says.

"But you still have your license intact!" Katheryn says.

Veronica asks what Benny is charged with. Katheryn tells her about the charge of drug possession and claims that he's innocent. Veronica is doubtful, but Katheryn says she believes he's a good boy. Veronica reluctantly agrees.

Katheryn calls Hanna in and tells her that Veronica will represent Benny.

"Thank God!" Hanna says, and she thanks both women.

Veronica asks for Benny's personal information, and Hanna leaves to write it down for her.

"If this boy is not clean," Veronica says, "it's going to be you and me, Katheryn Cryer."
Robert Pralgo and Tika Sumpter

At Candace and Amanda's apartment, Candace gets a call from Jim and ignores it. She then sees Amanda's test in the kitchen and notices she got an A. Candace goes to Amanda's room, but Amanda doesn't answer.

"Sorry," Candace says through the door. "I had a rough day."

Just then, there's a knock on the front door. Candace opens it to find professor Canon.

"I came by to give Amanda a makeup exam," he says.

Candace counters that Amanda got an A, but Canon says this is a different exam. Candace then asks if he slept with her.

He doesn't answer but says Amanda is a pretty good actress. "She tried to pretend that she wasn't into it, but eventually she caved in."

Candace asks what he told Amanda. Canon admits that he said he'd slept with Candace during her freshman year, and then suggests they have a threesome. Candace tries to shove Canon out, but he bars the door.

"She better get an A-plus on every exam from now on," Candace says. "And you better never come near her or myself ever again." She then threatens to tell the entire faculty about Canon's misconduct.

Canon isn't scared—until Candace goes and gets some incriminating photos she took while he was in the apartment.

She slams the door on Canon and goes to check on Amanda, who is asleep in bed.
Jaclyn Betham and Tika Sumpter

At the hospital, Katheryn and Hanna are getting ready for Katheryn's mastectomy.

"Were you scared?" Katheryn asks.

"Yes," Hanna says. "It's okay to be scared."

"You can't show weakness in my family Hanna," Katheryn says. "They prey on the weak."

Hanna says Katheryn is in the best hands. She had wanted Katheryn's doctor when she was dealing with breast cancer, but she couldn't afford him.

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Katheryn asks Hanna to pray for her and sing the hymn she's often heard Hanna singing while she cleaned at the Cryer mansion.

Hanna begins to sing: There's a leak in this old building, and my soul has got to move...

Katheryn listens to the old spiritual and occasionally joins in. Hanna stops and says they're going to throw her out of the hospital, and the two women laugh.

Back at Candace and Amanda's apartment, Candace goes into Amanda's room to apologize and tries to wake her. When she finds the empty prescription bottle in Amanda's hand, Candace runs out to get help, leaving Amanda still unconscious in bed.