Crystal Fox and Renee Lawless

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At the Cryer household, Hanna, a housekeeper for the Cryer family, arrives at work to find her fellow housekeeper, Celine, in the kitchen. Things have been tense between the two women, but today is different. "I get you this job, and you stab me in the back?" Celine says.

Hanna has no idea what she's talking about. Celine says their boss, Katheryn Cryer, told her she was making Hanna household chief of staff.

Hanna is floored. Celine continues to rant. "You've been driving her around and bending over backwards kissing up, tying her shoes," Celine says. "I didn't know you were that kind of person, Hanna."

Katheryn calls Hanna from the other room. "I wonder what she would think if she knew your little secret about your daughter," Celine says.

Hanna meets Katheryn in the next room. Katheryn tells her she reviewed Hanna's résumé and noticed she had two years of college. That, combined with her excellent work, earned her promotion to chief of staff. It also comes with a 20 percent raise.

Hanna begins to object. "The only words I want to hear from you, Hanna, are 'thank you,'" Katheryn says. "If Jim wins the election next year, we will be in the Governor's Mansion. You may as well get trained now. You're taking the job. It's done."